Bleeding Control - Trauma - 0.5L

iGel Supraglottic Airway - Airway - 0.5L

Just Culture - Operations - 0.5L

Protocol Update - Operations - 0.5L

Medical-Legal - Ethical Principles and EMS Law - Preparatory - 0.5L

Medical-Legal - Complaint Investigation, Due Process and Disciplinary Procedures - Preparatory - 0.5L

Medical-Legal - Advanced Directives and Anatomical Gift Laws - Preparatory - 0.5L

Medical-Legal - Termination of Resuscitation and Death of a Patient - Preparatory - 0.5L

Medical-Legal – No Medical Need/Refusal of Care - Preparatory - 0.5L

Special Considerations - Pediatric Airway - Bronchiolitis / HFNC - 1.0L

Medical-Legal - Patient Confidentiality (HIPAA), Consent Laws and Minor Laws - 0.5L

MCA 201: Introduction to the MCA and State EMS Structure and Function - 0.5L

MCA 203: Licensure, Privileging and Continuing Education - 0.5L

MCA 204: Complaint Investigation, Due Process and Disciplinary Procedures - 0.5L

MCA 401: Disaster and Mass Casualty Incident Response - 1.0L

Acid Base Balanace and ABG Interpretation - 1.0L Preparatory (Paramedic)

Basic Lab Values - 1.0L Preparatory (Paramedic)

General Pharmacology - 1.0L - Preparatory (Paramedic)

Chest Tube Management - 0.5L Airway (Paramedic)

Cyanide Poisoning - 0.5L Operations: Emergency Preparedness

BEFAST+ Stroke Assessment - 0.5L Medical

M.A.B.E.E.S. - 0.5L Preparatory

Ondansetron ODT & Medication Administration Cross Check - 0.5L Preparatory (EMT-B, AEMT, Paramedic)

TXA and Medication Administration Cross Check - 0.5L Preparatory (Paramedic)

IV Pumps, TPN and Lipids - 0.5L Preparatory (EMT-B, AEMT, Paramedic)

Capnography Basics - 0.5L Airway (EMT-B, AEMT, Paramedic)


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