60-Day Review and Comment

Per Section 20919 (3a) of the Public Health Code, at least 60 days before the adoption of a protocol, the medical control authority shall circulate a written draft of the proposed protocol to all significantly affected persons within the emergency medical services system served by the medical control authority and submit the written draft to the department for approval. In accordance with the above referenced statute, the protocols listed below are published for 60-day review and comment. 


Interfacility Patient Transfers - Enhanced Paramedic Addendum 

MABEES Medication Kit Contents & Exchange Procedure 

Cyanide Exposure 


Pediatric Policy 


CIP Program Policy 

CIP Medical Director Role & Responsibilities - WMRMCC 

CIP Medical Direction - WMRMCC

CIP Scope of Service/Treatment Capabilities 

CIP Documentation - WMRMCC

CIP Patient Service Plan/Care Plan 

CIP Program Discharge 

CIP Fall Risk Reduction Assessment 

CIP Social Determinants of Health Assessment

CIP Scoial Determinants of Health Assessment - WMRMCC

CIP Medication Audit - WMRMCC

CIP Specimen Collection Procedure - WMRMCC

CIP Suture Removal 

CIP Vaccinations 

CIP Diabetic Care

CIP Asthma Care



CIP Chronic Hypertension Care 

CIP Post MI or Cardiac Intervention Care 

CIP Post Orthopedic Surgical Intervention Care 

CIP Post Stroke Care 

CIP Wound Care - WMRMCC

CIP GI Complaints 

CIP Suspected Respiratory Infection Complaint

CIP Sore Throat Complaint

CIP Nosebleed Complaint 

CIP Dehydration - WMRMCC


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Educational Calendar

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